About Us

Beyondinfinite.in offers our clients alternative options to managing their inventory on day-to-day and long-term basis. Purchasing agents often face a wide range of Purchasing Price Variance issues, which may become particularly pronounced during periods of acute shortage. We continually monitor global market trends in order to provide better solutions for our customers especially during period of shortage in order to reduce fluctuations due to purchasing price variance. We have employees of diverse background who have intimate knowledge of local languages .Our local presence in regional market enables us to work with our vendors throughout the world in there local languages and successfully market and redistribute there excess inventory by gathering the most current and reliable market data.

According to unique needs from our client materials management, we can design custom solution where applicable.
Beyondinfinite.com can offer the following program and service options:
Obsolete Product Sourcing
Order Fulfillment Program
Allocated Product Sourcing
Full Operations – Domestic and International market Scheduled Deliveries
Consignment Program

Beyondinfinite.in being an integral part of our customer short and long term operations, we are committed to ensuring our clients a true partnership through quality service, Cost effective solutions and professionalism. Through this process, we are committed to bringing value to our customers and adding value to our company with a mission to provide and maintain the highest level of quality in customer service.

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